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Lectures 365
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Duration 1 Year
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Time to Explore

TPGS follows a unique Primary year programme education system based on sound values. Systematic and scientific methods are adopted in and out of the classrooms to make the child's mind eager to gain knowledge. Activity-based learning with various educational gadgets makes learning interesting. Our experienced mentors adopt innovative methods to create curiosity among young brains and nurture their hidden talents by organizing daily activities. Inbuilt Modern teaching aids in our school helps the child to develop numeric and linguistic ability. Researches show that children at the primary age develop a positive attitude to learning if they are given the opportunity to use and develop new ideas and conception. After completing the primary schooling they are well prepared and set for the Middle Year Programme.

Ready to Withstand Challenges

The most challenging time for the learnings is during the evolution time from childhood to adolescence. During Middle year programme teachers at The Progress, Global School conducts the integrated state syllabus to guide the child by developing critical thinking, solving real-life problems by acquiring knowledge of local and global issues, developing communication skills, engaging them in debates and making them express their creativity through actions.

The Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) is the method of assessment recommended by NCERT. We humbly follow the same in order to assess the gradual progress of the child and to help them strengthen their weaker areas. Subjects teachers are deployed to impart the best knowledge of their subjects among our students. They are the mentors and guides of their students, driving them to the path of success. Value-added learning process like group discussions, presentations, symposiums and workshops are also conducted. We understand the value of counselling and hence organise a time to time counselling sessions for the students.

Enlightening Minds

It is believed that just telling the students will make them forget things; showing them might help them remember but involving them will defiantly make them understand and we believe in making them understand all various concepts; and for this the process of choosing the teachers in rigorous. Interactive digital boards are used in all the classrooms to make the learning easier. The students are kept engaged through interactive teaching methodology that ensures their active involvement. The teacher does not restrict them to the classroom teaching alone, they help the students to overcome their fear, anxieties and worries and encourage them to perform well in the academics. The teachers are trained and counselled constantly for teaching and to keep in tune with the latest trends globally.


Progress goes on

From the Moment a student first steps into the premises of The Progress Global School, the transformation begins. We make sure that the Change is steady, measurable and guided. Every step and stage of childhood is observed and shaped to make the time enjoyable and memorable at the same time. The purpose is to explore every opportunity and learn by utilizing the most from that period. Eventually, the end result is that the students transform into an individual with social responsibility, full of enthusiasm, confidence, and knowledge to face global challenges professionally and emerge successfully. What makes our learning unique is a fine quality, high standards and the precise use of knowledge in the day to day living that is shaped effectively and efficiently, making The Progress Global School beyond excellent.

Health is Wealth

TPGS believes in "A sound mind is in a sound body" and hence give prime importance to student's health enabling them to pursue an education in continuity. Medical camps are organized in the school on a regular basis to ensure good health of the students and all the staff personnel. The school infirmary provides immediate medical and personal attention as and when required. It is mandatory for all the students and staff members to be inoculated against seasonal and contagious diseases, School authorities make periodic inspection for the hygienic condition of the whole campus, especially classroom, dining-hall and wash-rooms.

Education Tours and Trips

A break from the regular work is necessary to refresh and rejuvenate. Henceforth, trips to places of, aesthetically refreshing, historical and educational importance are organized to expel boredom and create enthusiasm and life skills like observation and appreciation.

Way to Healthy and Disciplined life-Style

Games and sports provide not only absolute relaxation but also lay a disciplined and healthy lifestyle with bright future scope. Physical fitness plays a vital role in conquering goals of life. At TPGS, students are encouraged to participate in various games and sports activities that will be helpful for the student to work in a team and perform in harmony. There is ample space for various indoor and outdoor games. Apart from the regular sports, Yoga and meditation are also included in the schedule as it is the best way to align the mind and body. Students are encouraged to participate in martial art classes to promote self-defence. We make sure that all the sports activities are conducted under the vigilance of well-trained physical education trainers.

Learning by Doing

The Child comes to The Progress Global School to learn as they fun. The most important quality in preschool is that the children in their formative years are eager to learn in their way. The early childhood programme is based on the age-specified learning process. The classroom climate sparks multiple senses, triggers investigations into themes and topics that lead to discoveries with delight. There are specially designed activity rooms with the latest education tools make learning more interesting and interactive. A blend of Montessori techniques and play way methodology is used through which the children have the opportunity to acquire knowledge and understanding, providing progression which develops skills, concepts, positive attitudes and values.

Labs-Verifying Concepts of Theories

We Understand that practical studies should be incorporated with theories for better understanding. The School has well-equipped Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences and IT Labs. The students perform practical under the able guidance of well-experienced subject teachers. The management and concerned staff have applied their best efforts and skills to design the labs useful and safe for the students. Skilled lab assistants are employed in each lab, to keep the laboratories updated and ready for practical experiments. Even the Math lab has been planned to ease the contemporary education and diminish the Mathematics phobia among the students, who are also encouraged to participate in science projects and exhibitions to instil creativity among them.


Evolution of Global Education Values

The Progress Global School campus leaves a pleasant lasting impression. It refreshes and makes the soul happy as you enter into the school campus, the surroundings give an energy and enthusiasm boost to the children. The beautiful and spacious campus induces the desire in the children that makes them want to come to the school every day. Right from its establishment it firmly believes that academic excellence along with holistic development of the child is key to succeed in life.

The curriculum is designed to nurture new ways of thinking, visualizing and processing ideas in the children’s mind. The state-of-art infrastructure cascaded with the use of latest technological teaching methods makes a distinguishable difference and the architectural design of the campus enables qualitative administration and the smooth functioning of the school. The campus is well equipped with necessary monitoring, safety and security measures. Thoughtful efforts are made to provide the best quality interiors and modern teaching-aids in the classroom, laboratories and library.

Our School Fleet

Fleet buses, equipped with communication aid and security men, move all around the city well before sunrise, to receive our students, making inconvenient for the parents to send their children to the school in time with safety. The committed bus staff give information from the current location and ensures a timely approach to the locations allotted to them. The drivers are well trained to drive safely.

The Ocean of Knowledge

The library is the heart of the school. In TPGS, it is exclusively designed with a variety of books providing a wide range of information on various subjects to enhance better learning. Though the technology has penetrated deep in the field of education, yet it cannot replace the books as a whole. The library has a wide range of meticulously selected reference books, question banks, magazines, periodicals, newspapers and CDs/DVDs. Reading habits are encouraged among the students by allocating sufficient time in their schedule. The ambience suits the reading of all age group, including teaching staff.

The Brain Programmers

TPGS has a dynamic, dedicated and well-experienced team of teachers, each anxious to contribute for the development of the students. They play the multi-facet role of a teacher showing their students the path to success in all walks of life. They are not only bounded to the classrooms alone but also help to clear doubts and dispel social fear and curiosity of their students. They motivate the students to excel in academics and co-curricular platforms as well, encouraging the children to be an all-rounder. Though well talented, yet our faculties undergo capsule training sessions conducted by reputed academic institutions to keep themselves updated with the latest trend in education and making themselves capable of generating global talents.

Electronic Teaching Aids Oozing Contemporary Wonders

Information and communication technology has become part and parcel of contemporary education. Today, life becomes standstill without technology. At TPGS students make the best use of modern technology with progressive guidelines of their teachers. Well-furnished ICT labs are made available with adequate software and high-end machines. Students make best use the best of the internet to gather subject-related information to hone their knowledge.

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